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Oak Chips

A selection of premium oak chips from French and American forests to suit the high quality expectation of today’s winemaking.

French oak chips come in 5kg nylon straining bags for easy handling.

OAKINChips are available in two toasting levels (Light Toasted/ Medium Toasted).

Usage: 2 – 5 g recommended per litre.

OAKINChips Light

OAKINChips Light Toasted

OAKINChips Heavy Toast

OAKINChips Meduim/Medium+ Toasted




















OAKINCompact is made from premium air dried French oak (diced 10-20mm) Medium Toasted. Supply is available in 5 Kg bags.

Usage: 4 – 5 g recommended per litre. OAKINCompact can be placed directly into barrels, maturing the wine for up to 12 month. OAKINCompact  integrates well into the wine and develops smooth and delicate flavours.